MurMaid Mattress

A Shift in Messaging for the Brick & Mortar

MurMaid Mattress is a manufacturer and retailer in Tennessee and a long time partner to us at Between Pixels. As online, bed-in-a-box companies grow in popularity, traditional retailers like Murmaid Mattress are facing a new competitive environment. While MurMaid also sells online, they wanted to encourage people to shop in person at one of their 12 stores in the Tennessee Valley area. When you shop in person, you can try your mattress before you buy it and get personalized help finding the right fit for you. You also get the assurance that a real person will be there to help if you run into a problem. But more people are willing to skip that experience for the convenience of shopping online, often from companies that leave them with a bad product and no support.

Roger Picket, President of MurMaid, wanted to remind viewers of the value of the in-store shopping experience. So we created an Ad series to use on TV and paid social that would use humor to capture attention while delivering a few key messaging points.


A Humorous Callout to the Online Shopper

We used our Story Framework to begin crafting the message that would influence the buying decision for a new mattress. Pointing out the challenges in the way we think can be a great way to earn an opportunity to change someone’s opinion.

With that in mind, we decided to focus on the fact that in-store shopping is actually a pretty novel idea. It’s like shopping online, but you get to try a bunch of mattresses before buying anything. We defined this new trend as shopping in a S’tore.


From Store to S'tore

Since creating the S’tore ad, MurMaid has seen an increase in foot traffic and received many comments and mentions on the ads that they run across TV and social media.

While they continue to run advertisements that are promoting sales and features of their products, they plan to create more ads similar to S’tore. They realize that they are speaking to a new audience and are using Between Pixels to help them influence their targeted market daily.


Building the Story Framework for the event.


Oversight of the story, and interview.


Original footage shot on location.


Weaving the footage into a compelling story.

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