Aylo Health

Creating a New Brand That's Memorable and Easy to Recognize

Many agree, healthcare is broken. You deserve quality healthcare when and where you need it… and yet that can be surprisingly very hard to find. Fortunately, a solution exists at a Primary Care network currently located in the southside of Atlanta. Eagles Landing Health turned to us to create a new brand identity and marketing strategy that reflects the company's values and objectives, all under a new look and name.

Heather Richardson

Director of Marketing


Eagles Landing Health is a Primary Care healthcare provider that focuses on providing patients with high-quality, convenient care that is both affordable and accessible.

The company wanted to expand its services and create a new brand that would be memorable and easy to recognize, regardless of location. They approached Between Pixels for assistance with creating a new brand identity that would accurately represent their values and objectives.


To create a new brand identity for Eagles Landing Health, Between Pixels began by conducting extensive research to understand the company's target audience and brand objectives. The team carried out focus groups and surveys to get insights from potential and existing patients to understand the pain points in their healthcare and what they expect from a healthcare provider. This allowed the team to create messaging that resonates with the target audience and communicates the company's value proposition effectively.

One of the significant challenges the team faced was creating a name that could represent the brand's values and objectives, regardless of location. The name needed to be unique and easy to remember. After extensive brainstorming, the team settled on a name that had no specific meaning but was broad enough to carry the brand's identity. The new name was, Aylo Health.


The new brand identity and marketing strategy developed by Between Pixels were highly successful. The branding reflected the company's values and objectives and communicated its message effectively to the target audience. The new brand name, Aylo Health, was memorable and easily recognizable, contributing to an increase in brand awareness and visibility. Eagles Landing Health was also able to expand its services and replicate the brand beyond its original location, thanks to the new brand identity.


Between Pixels played a significant role in helping Eagles Landing Health create a new brand identity that resonated with its target audience and communicated its values effectively. By conducting extensive research and understanding the company's objectives, the team was able to create a new brand name, Aylo Health, that was memorable and easy to recognize. The new brand identity and marketing strategy helped Eagles Landing Health expand its services and increase its brand visibility, ultimately helping the company achieve its objectives.

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