Great messaging isn’t easy. But it should be simple.

Learn how to use our Story Framework to translate features and benefits into a narrative that inspires action.

  • Audience

    Your customers

  • Truth

    A common ground

  • Problem

    The root cause

  • Tension

    The context

  • Solution

    A fresh approach

  • Vision

    The big picture

  • Invitiation

    A call to action

Series Overview

What you're about to learn

We’re going to unpack our trusted Story Framework – our model for creating video content and marketing campaigns for hundreds of organizations. It’s backed by science and used by marketers, communicators, and business owners that need to build influence in their audience.

In this 7-step series, you will learn how to utilize the Story Framework to your core brand story and just about any type of content you generate. From video to emails and everything in between.

Who is teaching this series?

Meet Your Guides

Co-ceo// director of video

Meet Josh Peters.

CO-ceo// director of marketing

Meet Bryan Owen.

Bryan and Josh lead a team of marketers and content experts with a passion for helping others find and use their story. We decided to create this series to share some of the things we’ve learned on our journey– by reverse-engineering the content that worked best.

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