How to Unleash the Power of Your Story

A video course on story-driven messaging for Marketers.


First Things First.

Don’t worry, we aren’t going to throw you into the series without a quick overview of what you’re about to learn. Take your time and enjoy this content on how you can develop your story to influence your audience.

Step 1


Getting information about your audience is easy. But getting insights about how and why they make decisions takes much more effort and creativity. Common attributes like age, gender, household income tell us very little about the true motivations of our audience. Every person has a story, and the more you know about the real background of your audience, the better relationship you’ll have with them.

Step 2


A bold truth statement helps you win the first five seconds of an interaction. It’s the hook that helps the audience understand that your solution is relevant to them.

Step 3


Everyone has problems. But when it comes to messaging, we often fail to recognize the “real” (root) problem that drives action. Or we solve it in a way that doesn’t reflect a deep understanding of what our audience really cares about.

Step 4


Tension is the thing that causes a physiological response from an audience, it’s what makes them “feel”. And while you’re not writing a screenplay for a movie, you can use it to connect information with emotion, which results in better retention and brand affinity.

Step 5


Talking about your solutions is probably pretty easy. Unfortunately, most of us fail to understand how to present it in a way that connects with the audience. Your solution needs to reflect a deep understanding of the root problem you’re trying to solve and the context in which you are presenting your solution.

Step 6


What would life for your audience look look like if you were able to realize your vision? Think about how your success would change the lives of those you sell to or serve, then figure out how to get them excited about that future.

Step 7


You don’t always need to ask them to buy, click, or even respond at all. Sometimes the goal is to change their opinion or get them to consider you when they’re ready to pull the trigger. But you still need to invite them to think, feel, or do something different.

Nice job! You’ve completed the series.

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