Standard Process YouTube Series

Promoting a whole foods lifestyle through a social video series

CaseStudyHead-StandardProcessSocial video is a great forum for consumer brands to introduce themselves to the world and build an audience that keeps coming back. And the food, nutrition, and self-help categories are some of the most popular across YouTube and other networks.

Standard Process is a nutritional supplement company dedicated to the whole food philosophy. But they’re not jumping on a modern fad, they’ve been at it since 1929– applying a holistic approach to their business and distributing their products through select practitioners who can ensure their products are part of a complete wellness plan.

Standard Process had used video in the past, but they wanted to extend their reach into the kitchen through a series of “how to” cooking videos that would reflect their approach to nutrition and introduce Standard Process to new customers. The resulting series was published on YouTube and shared by their practitioners, equipping customers with tools and information to apply the whole foods lifestyle in their home.

A few of the episodes are below, and you can check out the full series on the Standard Process YouTube Channel.


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