The FullStory Searchies Video

A comedic sketch video to help launch a product for a tech startup

FullStory is like a super-searchable DVR for all web based customer interactions. It allows customers to easily record, replay, search, and analyze each user’s actual experience on their website. Pretty dang cool.

FullStory was preparing to launch a new web-based service to their platform called “Searchies”. This new tool  intelligently determines which questions customers want to ask of a search or segment and then presents the answers in a visually intuitive way.  Like a funnel, line graph, bar chart, etc.

The team at FullStory knew they wanted to use video as part of their inbound marketing campaign. However, they still needed a qualified video partner to bring the vision to life. After meeting with the FullStory team we knew this would be a fun project to produce. The dry comedic approach and subtle humor were right in our wheelhouse.


Oversight of the story, set, and talent.


Full service video production, directing and editing.


Weaving the footage into an interesting story.

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