Helping a regional retailer grow through video and Integrated Marketing

Murmaid Mattress is a manufacturer and retailer with 12 stores in the Tennessee Valley. Like many successful, regional businesses they face intense competition from a few much bigger national chains with deep pockets. But Murmaid has a great story and a compelling value proposition, they just needed some help getting it out to the right people.

We’ve worked with Murmaid for over four years on everything from a rebrand to a new Website and a series of integrated marketing campaigns. The most recent campaign focuses on their advantage as a manufacturer who sells directly to the customer. One of the most significant accomplishments has been helping Murmaid grow by moving their TV campaigns away from the “Sale, Sale, Sale!” messaging all-to-common in their industry.

Over the years we’ve expanded the amount and type of work we do with Murmaid. This year we launched a Blog, started several Social Media Campaigns, designed a loyalty campaign and a referral program, and built a lead generation program through Hubspot.


Our “Let’s Get Better Sleep” and “Around the Corner” campaigns have helped Murmaid grow their business and create a clear separation from bigger national retailers who can’t compete with their connection to the community, local manufacturing, and commitment to service. We’ve created ads for TV and launched pre-roll campaigns optimized for the unique characteristics of YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Digital Campaigns

The Murmaid Digital Campaigns have centered around the video content, ensuring that all of our Marketing fits into the bigger story.

We set up Hubspot to provide powerful CRM technology and power email campaigns, launched a blog to help establish Murmaid as experts in their field, set up landing pages and lead generation programs for each campaign, and managed highly-targeted search and social campaigns to introduce Murmaid to the right people. Performance has been consistently above industry benchmarks.

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