Arbys Foundation Make the Ask Campaign

Inspiring advocacy in over 3,400 restaurants

The Arby’s Foundation asked us to create a video that inspired and equipped employees to ask customers to donate $1 to help end childhood hunger in America. The Arby’s Foundation has a standing partnership with No Kid Hungry and had a successful campaign in 2015. They understood how video could help expand this program and partnered with Between Pixels to help them grow.

The cause is compelling and the point-of-sale is a great place to solicit a donation, but getting employees to participate had not been easy. Team members in the stores already have many obligations in the service of customers and this just “one more thing” they were asked to do. Plus it can be uncomfortable asking a stranger for a donation when they come in for a nice meal with their family. The message to employees needed to be inspiring and attach to a much bigger vision of the organization and their role in society. Team members needed to understand how they could make a real, measurable difference for those served by the Foundation. They needed to realize it’s not all that difficult, all they need to do is “make the ask.” We applied the Between Pixels story framework to cast a clear message that connected with employees and gave them a really clear path to follow.

Messaging Workshop

Guiding the Arby's team through our story architecture exercise.


Creative oversight for the story and production.


Weaving the footage into a compelling story.


Capturing the story.

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