Intellinet: Motion Graphic

A Motion Graphic to Communicate to Customers

Intellinet is a consulting firm that helps the best Chief Information Officers (CIOs) take an active role in building competitive advantages for their organization. They do this by transforming IT from an internally-focused department to a customer-centric and socially connected enabler for the business. 

We’ve had a long standing partnership with Intellinet and have created some great work throughout our time together. They were having difficulties properly explaining to their clients what their Microsoft capabilities were and wanted to be able to explain their capabilities in a captivating way. That is when Intellinet came to us to help them with the task of providing a message that would be a clear and quick way to describe how their Microsoft Teams automations could help make their customers work more efficiently.


A common goal to guide a team and their vision.

Since we’ve worked with Intellinet for years and they were already Story Framework “believers”. The first thing we did was schedule our expedited Story Framework session with all the necessary Intellinet project stakeholders.

Intellinet already understood our Story Framework process from previous collaboration and came fully prepared to focus and get on the same page.

We were able to craft a fitting story framework for their needs in just around an hour, compared to our standard 4-hour sessions for new clients. With a company like Intellinet, there can upwards of 5 stakeholders on a project all with different agendas and varying opinions.

Our Story Framework helps us all stay on track to hit a common target. Without it, things could easily get out of scope which can easily lead to a timeline being pushed or spend going higher than it was budgeted for.


A Motion Graphic Describing how to Streamline Communication

Intellinet is a great example of how a client can become a true partner. They are creative collaborators, never afraid to try something new and trust us to deliver every time.

We were faced with a challenge to to take take a high level product and explain it to an audience in a way that is straightforward and easy to understand. Through our collaborative work with Intellinet we were able to produce a motion graphic video that captures the work they do in a way that is easy to understand.


Building the Story Framework.


Oversight of the story, and interview.


Original footage shot on location.


Weaving the footage into a compelling story.

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