An integrated marketing campaign for an innovative healthcare provider

Eagles Landing Family Practice (ELFP) is an innovative and fast-growing healthcare provider in Atlanta. With 11 locations (and growing), they’ve developed a different business and care model for Primary Care. And it’s working.

But their brand and marketing was lagging, and they knew that if they were going to hit their targets, they needed to step up their game. For one, they needed to extend their reach to get in front of more people who need a better primary care doctor. They also needed to build a stronger brand, one with meaning and personality. And they needed compelling, targeted content to educate and inform their patients, inspiring more of them to get the care they need to live healthy lives.

The team at ELFP came to us primarily to help create educational content for their patients, but our relationship quickly expanded into other areas of creative and marketing. We now enjoy a successful and highly collaborative relationship with work that touches just about every channel. Oh…and we have fun doing it.


We started with a Workshop to create their Story Framework, which would carry our messaging across channels. One of the Truths we rallied around was the universal belief that going to the doctor is a terrible experience, at times to the point of defying common sense.

But ELFP had developed a model that fits into the way their patients live their lives, from extended hours to in-house services that most primary care offices don’t have. Once we found a creative concept we knew would work, we built a roadmap to guide our execution and distribution.


We get it. The healthcare industry is broken, and some of the problems have pretty common sense solutions. It’s as if the people who set up the rules had no idea what our lives are really like.

That’s the premise behind our Ad campaign, which is based on the fact that ELFP does things differently. But we needed a creative way to tell that story, with each spot focused on a particular way they’ve improved the patient experience. These three spots were fully produced by our team, from writing the scripts to hiring the talent, filming and post-production. Oh, and our producer Carly stepped in as the voice of the drive-through lady.


Good healthcare providers don’t just treat people, they also educate their patients and influence behavior. And we know from research that video is the most effective way to move the needle in both of those areas.

We developed a series of videos for several high-impact health conditions and services. They’ve been shared in social and delivered via automated email campaigns to people who meet particular profile attributes. We’re currently working on the next series to take this idea one step deeper.

Email Marketing

While video carries much of the weight in this campaign, we also applied the concepts to everything from emails to billboards to magazines. The email campaign is the most technical of the channels in this case, with triggered sends based on a host of data points. We developed the creative and built the emails in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud–with dynamic content and some bells & whistles like dynamically-generated maps using the Google Maps API.

Social Media

Social is a great place for Eagles Landing to build stronger relationships with their patients and get introduced to new ones. We maintain a content calendar for social and generate “high-engagement” (primarily video) content that serves one or more of our social media objectives.

In some cases that means promoting an upcoming event. In others, it’s pulling back the curtain so patients can get to know their providers. And sometimes it’s just to deliver healthcare advice in a package that makes them smile.

Print and Out of Home (OOH)

And last, but not least, comes the print campaign. Billboards, Magazines, and Direct Mail makes sense for Eagles Landing Family Practice as a way to reach a concentrated local market and make sure that everyone in their market knows they exist. But we wanted to do more than that, so we created a template that allows us to crank out contextual messages (e.g. for Mother’s Day or for drivers stuck in traffic) while maintaining consistency with the brand.

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