A Story-Driven Partnership to Help Change the Future for Students in the Middle East


The Jerusalem School of Bethlehem opened its doors to the youth of Palestine in 1997 and now serves over 500 students just steps from the birthplace of Jesus.  JSB employs a full faculty of missionary educators from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds, all committed to creating a permanent solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through hope and education. Because of the schools unique focus on an English based education taught by primarily American teachers, the school has a waiting list that grows year over year. In order to meet the growing demand of English based learning in the West Bank, JSB contacted Between Pixels for assistance as they seek to reach more of the youth in the region.

In working with the school, we developed a clear plan for casting vision, telling compelling stories and developing an engaged donor network. We began by producing a Vision Video to introduce the school, then supported that content with marketing materials and a modern fundraising platform. JSB serves as an example of how a Between Pixels partnership works, where we define a clear finish line and do whatever it takes to get there.

Story-Driven Video

The core of our campaign is a series of videos we shot on location in the West Bank and Israel. The flagship video introduces the school to the US audience, and a host of supporting content tells the powerful stories of students, families, and teachers living and working in a region most of us only see through the lens of American  media.

While some of the content is available to the public, much of it is presented only in private screenings due to security concerns.

Fundraising Platform


JSB had no modern infrastructure in place to activate their donors or expand their network. We designed and built a digital fundraising platform with embedded giving and custom pages for each teacher to ensure they had the tools to translate support into advocacy and donations.

Check it out at www.givejsb.org.

Brand Development

No, we are not a branding company. But as a partner of Between Pixels we do whatever we need to help them succeed and they needed help. We went through an entire brand exercise and ultimately created a new identity for the school, which we extended to print elements such as a series of “business cards” that teachers distributed at their sermons– each with the profile of a student on one side and a fill-in-the-blank URL that took visitors to their teacher support page.


Story Cards


The Between Pixels Story framework doesn’t just apply to video, it works across mediums– including print. JSB has raised most of their support through teachers speaking at churches, so we decided to integrate the digital with the traditional. Teachers spread business cards with a student story on one side and a link to their personal fundraising page on the other so church attendees could take them home and stay connected to the school.

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