Life University Discover Lasting Purpose

A story driven video campaign for students who want more than just a degree

Life University is not your average academic institution. Although they offer many of the same academic programs as other Universities, they have a distinct worldview and seek students who want to help others discover a holistic lifestyle.

The idea for the Discover Lasting Purpose campaign came during a check-in meeting about another project. We started to ask questions about their challenges and started to focus on one in particular– how do you identify and connect with students who would be successful at Life University.

We had some data and experience running targeted ads for Life and used these insights to develop a simple concept– tell stories of personal transformation where Life University is the hero. They had to be authentic, so we based them on real people. And they had to educate and inspire, a challenge that video is uniquely suited to deliver.


Creative storytelling strategy targeted to specific audience personas.

Video Production

Provide full service production and storytelling from concept to completion.


Developed a multi-video campaign to be implemented by customer.

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