Cure Childhood Cancer: Believe Ball

Capturing the Right Story to Impact Fundraising


CURE Childhood Cancer is a non-profit dedicated to conquering a family of diseases that impact more than 10,000 US children every year. Cure has a great story to tell, thanks to a track record of funding life-changing research and walking beside families as they navigate a new normal. But as is the case with most non-profits, their mission is greater than their available resources.

Cure has worked hard to stay lean and apply as much of the money they collect directly to research. But a few years ago they came to a realization, one that helped them shift their thinking about content and marketing from an expense to an investment. If they allocate resources into telling their story the right way, and to the right people, the support will follow. It’s a leap of faith that many non-profits aren’t willing to take.

So they came to us with a clear request– help them better tell their story and use it to inspire more people to join their mission. And over the past few years, we’ve worked closely with them to create a portfolio of content designed to inspire a response from the viewer. We used our Story Framework to build a messaging model around their primary audience, creating empathy and moving each person one step closer in their relationship with Cure. One example is a series of videos we produced for their flagship fundraising event, the Believe Ball. The results have exceeded their expectations, helping them shatter fundraising goals on a consistent basis. And it’s given them one more interesting story to tell.

“It’s hard for other people to hear me talk about AC…but it doesn’t hurt me. It makes me happy to see other people remember her. That changed my whole perspective on loss and really allowed me to watch those memories of AC with a smile.”

LEE ANNA HOLLIS (mother of Anna)

Strategy and Messaging

Finding the right story for a specific audience.

We started with a Workshop to create CURE’s Story Framework, which would help us build the right message for their audience. It had to explain what CURE does and why it matters. And it had to engage the viewer emotionally, helping them feel the weight of the need and their opportunity to make a difference.

We decided to highlight a family who had lost their young daughter. It’s a hard story but one worth telling. And while the story doesn’t have a happy ending, we wanted it to be a celebration of the beautiful life of Anna Charles– a life that should inspire all of us to live every day to the fullest.

Video Production

Unleashing the Power of Anna Charles’ story.

This video helped CURE raise $530,000.

The most they have ever raised was $250,000.

Working With Us

We’re honored that CURE took the leap and trusted us as partners, and we continue to value our relationship with their organization. CURE Executive Director, Kristin Connor, was kind enough to share about her experience working with us.


Building the Story Framework.


Oversight of the story, and interview.


Original footage shot on location.


Weaving the footage into a compelling story.

If you believe in the mission of CURE Childhood Cancer, we’d encourage you to consider making a donation.

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