We’re looking for a Video Producer who empowers the team to deliver great content for clients.

As a key member of our video team, you’ll work closely on all aspects of production– but your superpower is making sure everything runs smoothly on any project you touch. You’ll set up and manage content schedules, interpret creative direction from clients, respond and adjust to moving targets, review videos before they go out the door, and make sure everyone is working on the right thing and delivering on time. Doing your job well means everyone else does theirs better.

You’ll be one of three producers on a small and highly productive team within our full-service video and marketing agency. The team you’ll join specializes in delivering a series of world-class leadership award shows in 25+ markets around North America. You’ll get the opportunity to interview successful business leaders (both in-person and remotely), giving them a great experience and capturing their stories in a way that inspires others. And you’ll manage the workflow for more than 20 videos, including interviews, for each market that you manage. To deliver quality at a high volume, you need to function at a high capacity– constantly evolving the way we produce content and finding creative paths around roadblocks.

The right candidate has a suite of skills they can bring to the table. You’re a mix of a high-functioning producer who is comfortable in the edit bay, and also has experience calling live productions. While your main focus will be producing you will need the edit skills to make simple changes on the fly and the confidence to call award shows on the road.

In addition to your core team of event content specialists, you’ll be part of the broader team at Between Pixels. Which means you’ll have an opportunity to contribute beyond your primary role. Whether you have a passion for scriptwriting, acting, editing, or directing– you’ll get opportunities to sharpen your skills as a well-rounded video professional.

Who You Are

Success at Between Pixels requires a high level of competency in your role as well as a personality and character that is well suited for a small, dynamic environment. You can do great things here, but it’s not right for everyone. We invite you to do a little reflecting to make sure the following describes you.

You are a rare mix of creativity and organization, a natural planner with a strong creative side. You’re personableresourceful, and tenacious, a combination that enables you to break through bottlenecks without breaking relationships. You’re willing to do whatever needs to get done, and your communication and organizational skills enable you to maximize your impact. You welcome guidance and feedback, but you are proactive by nature. If you see a gap or a need, you feel compelled to fill it. And of course, you love stories and the video, marketing, and technology industry.

Although the number of years is not an accurate predictor of success in this role, it’s likely the person to fill this role will have between 2 and 5 years of experience running video projects. That experience could be as an independent contractor, corporate employee, or on the agency side.

What You’ll Do

The bulk of your time will be spread across account management, video production, and operations responsibilities. All events are currently virtual so the team is not traveling, but we expect that to change sometime in 2021. If/when it does, you’ll spend 25-50% of your time on the road. If you’re not willing or able to travel, please let us know. This position may not be a great fit.

Here are the major activities and responsibilities:

  • Setting up project plans for video production
  • Getting direction and feedback from clients
  • Interviewing keynote speakers and award nominees
  • Working with DPs and Editors to plan content
  • Setting schedules and assigning tasks
  • Reporting on the progress of projects
  • Reviewing videos for grammar, quality, and consistency
  • Writing scripts and story outlines
  • Managing project budgets and deadlines
  • Creating project and team workflows
  • Sourcing contractors, actors, and voice talent
  • Managing video shoots
  • Delivering demos & finals for client approval
  • Processing invoices, expenses, and payments
  • Reviewing and approving content
  • Interest and availability to travel
  • Familiar with Adobe Premiere
  • Experience with live production preferably has experience calling shows/productions

This is a full-time position located in Marietta, GA, although we’re currently working remotely. If this sounds like a good fit, reach out through the form below to start the conversation. We don’t need a fancy application, just a quick note about why you’re interested, why you believe you’re a good fit, and what evidence (experience and results) can support this claim. If you have a portfolio, please share it as well.

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