We’re looking for a talented Marketing leader.

The Marketing Director creates story-driven digital marketing campaigns and remarkable client experiences.

As the owner of the planning and delivery of Marketing campaigns, you will work closely with clients throughout their journey with Between Pixels, helping prescribe the best digital strategies and tactics based on their business goals–then seeing those projects through delivery and beyond. Your playground will be broad, from social media to search to marketing automation and websites. You’ll come up with concepts and then translate them into compelling campaigns that drive action. While the Video Producers and Editors are charged with creating great content, you’ll be responsible for the marketing activities that get it in front of the right people–in the right context.

You’ll be measured across three fronts– the satisfaction of your clients, the impact of the campaigns you run, and the effectiveness of the path you took to get there.

Success at Between Pixels requires a high level of competency in your role as well as a personality and character that is well suited for a small, dynamic environment. You can do great things here, but it’s not right for everyone. We invite you to do a little reflecting to make sure the following describes you.

You are a rare mix of creativity and organization, a talented idea person who understands how to bring them to life. You’re personable, resourceful and tenacious, a combination that enables you to break through bottlenecks without breaking relationships. You’re willing to do whatever needs to get done, but your delegation and task management skills enable you to maximize your impact. And you love stories and the video, marketing, and technology industry.

Although the number of years is not an accurate predictor of success in this role, it’s likely the person to fill this role will have between 5 and 7 years of experience doing work that is relevant to this position– pitching advertising concepts, launching marketing campaigns, etc. That experience could be as an independent contractor, corporate employee, or on the agency side.


In this position you’ll be asked to use a range of tools to help our clients grow their organizations. It’s a hybrid between an Account Manager (or Account Executive) who manages relationships and provides strategy, a Team Lead who can guide and inspire others, and a Digital Marketer who gets their hands dirty setting up, launching, and optimizing campaigns across multiple channels. You need to establish yourself as a trusted advisor who can also do the work, although in most cases you’ll collaborate with other members of the team, subcontractors, and partners.

This role is perfect for someone who loves Marketing and content but wants exposure to a broad set of disciplines. You need to be an expert in search, content marketing, and digital advertising–but also know how it fits into the bigger picture for our clients. And everyone on our staff needs to be able to write well.

While we’ll certainly tap into your other skill sets, the main responsibilities of this role fall into two categories— strategy and execution.

Marketing Strategy. Our clients rely on us to guide them as we use content and digital marketing to help them reach their goals—whether that be to raise money for their cause, launch a new business, or just engage people with their brand. You need to be a student of marketing, bringing new ideas to the table and turning them into a roadmap that makes sense. But it’s not just theory— you need to be able to bring these ideas to life, leading the team to deliver great results. And all of this all needs to be paired with a great client experience, providing great communication and embracing our clients as partners.

Marketing Execution. Once the roadmap is in place, you’ll lead the execution of those campaigns across multiple channels. While the specifics depend on the client needs, this can include social media ads, TV and radio ads, landing pages, sales funnels, and even billboards and print materials. You’ll figure out the best way to split up the work across the team. And then you’ll close the loop by reviewing results and applying those insights to the next campaign.

Account Management. We’ve built our company on quality, consistency, and trust— and you’ll be responsible for creating that experience for our clients. You’ll keep them informed, earn their trust as an expert, and deliver great results consistently. It’s equal parts challenging and rewarding, and you need to love helping other people succeed to thrive in this role. You’ll become an expert in their industry and embrace their goals as your own.

We will expect a great deal from this position, but it comes with equal opportunity to grow personally and professionally as you play a huge role in the growth of our company.

This is a full-time position located in Marietta, GA. If this sounds like a good fit, reach out through the form below to start the conversation. Please include examples of your work, specific case studies, or other evidence that you’re good at all of this.


Between Pixels is a small, full-service video and marketing agency based just off the Historic Square in Marietta, GA. We help organizations connect with customers, clients, donors, or their own employees by creating powerful videos and story-driven marketing campaigns. Visit betweenpixels.co/about to learn more.

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