Untying The Vision Knot

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Vision is hard. Let me rephrase that, having vision isn’t hard. Casting vision is hard.

Over the years we have worked with so many organizations that have compelling missions and visions. In fact the more passionate an organization is about what they do the harder it seems to be to articulate their vision. And if you work in the non-profit or NGO world you know this gets even more challenging. The same goes for our corporate clients when a deeper purpose or passion drives their decisions and business goals.

Anyone who works for a purpose higher than themselves does so because of passion. They do it because of love. They do it because they want to help people, right a wrong and achieve some audacious goal in the process. What we find most often is that this passion makes it extremely difficult to communicate vision clearly because passion stirs up emotion and emotion is difficult to communicate verbally. However, as we learned from our very first project back in 2011, you have to present your vision in a narrative format if you want to create empathy and inspire your audience to action. You have to tell your audience a story.

So, how do you do it? How do you take your passion, your mission and vision and hone it down into digestible story-driven format?

We know this presents some challenges. It’s very difficult to package your message in a concise way because it can leave you feeling as if you’re missing something or leaving something out. Over the years we have developed a tool for helping our clients overcome this challenge. It’s a process that allows our clients to organize their passion into a simple and clear messaging strategy. We call it The BP Story Framework.

It’s a framework because no matter how many ways you use it, the end result is always different. It’s a filter that you pour your passion and vision into on one end and on the other end produce a concise message that clearly communicates your story.

This is the Between Pixels Story Framework in a nut shell.

Truth –  A common ground
Problem  – The root cause
Tension – The context
Solution- A fresh approach
Vision –  The big picture
Invitation –  A call to action

Over the next 6 posts we will unpack each aspect of the BP StoryFramework and give you a glimpse at our storytelling process.

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